Friday, December 30, 2011

Things are really looking up for me

After dealing with this awful bed sore for almost 2 years, and in and out of a couple of different nursing homes (hell homes) I just gave up and put my life in the hands of our higher power. I went to my mother's house to be with my family on Christmas Eve after being told by the Christian nonprofit nursing facility that I was in that I couldn't go home for Christmas Eve. The facility discharged me me out, saying that I left AMA.

I came to the hospital early Christmas morning and told them what was going on in my life. They admitted me, gave me a urine test. I guess to see if I was using drugs or alcohol when they found I wasn't using they admitted me.

A few days gone by since then, five to be exact, and in that time I've met with the general surgeon and the plastic surgeon that is agreed to close my wound for me. I'm profoundly humbled and unbelievably happy by this turn of good fortune. This past two years, and my experience in these facilities has changed the direction I want to take my life. Exactly where I and that is still to be decided, but I fully plan on working towards a position in lobbying, legislation and law regarding these nursing homes.

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