Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's try going home again

I am being sent home from Florida Hospital today without letting me see the surgeon that fixed my shattered femur. This newest set-back is "ain't nothin gunna break-a my stride, ain't nothin gunna hold me down - OH NO, I GOT TO KEEP ON MOVIN'

I can't believe that almost 10 days has

passed since my leg was repaired, and the PRIMARY ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON hasn't come to check up on me. I am actually scared about what I can, and more importantly...CANNOT DO.

I am placing my trust in the capable and trusting hands of someone that has NEVER LIED TO ME HERE, and that person is Bob Fleener, he is the Director of Soc. Services for Fl. Hospital and since the first word he ever said to me he has never lied to me.


These past two years have been more hurtful, harmful and debilitating than ALL of my injured life pre 2010, the coma, the bedsore, finally getting surgery and less than a month later my femur was shattered, SNAPPED IN HALF!

This recovery is going to be harder, take longer and be MUCH MORE DEMANDING than my original accident. I have lost at least 75/80% of my muscle mass, I have muscle contractures, difficulty in stretching and extending my legs and left arm. I have serious problems with coordination, range of motion, you name it and it's RIDICULOUSLY HARD to do now...if I can do it at all.

I have to do it though! I have to get better! I have set a "back to normal" date for the end of this year. By the end of 2012, the END OF THE WORLD ;-) blah, blah, blah- is going to be the the beginning of my life...  AGAIN AND FOR THE 4th OR 5th TIME.


  1. Good luck and continued get well good wishes. Hope this saga comes to a speedy end.

  2. I ran across this site, and was concerned about the person who had the broken femur, and facing surgery. Then, I read the man in nursing home, and can't figure out if it is same guy or not, nope not! WAnted to comment I had shattered femur 18 months ago, and when time to go rehab, I chose a nursing home near my rural home, to be closer to my son. I saw same thing, the neglected elderly! So sad! But, I survived both things, and have MS already for 10 years, but back home. Hoping best of health for both these people, or more so if it is same person. Tried to send email, but I think I failed at that. Eliane Johnson