Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OTTO BOCK has some fantastic equipment

My 4 year old Quickie S-525 is really showing it's age, bald tires, creaking name it. I NEED a new chair and I think that OTTO BOCK's line-up is fantastic, as usual a German company is making some fantastic gear.

Here's some pix of what I'm looking at, especially the stand and drive power chair. That is fantabulous

The E-Support power add-on drive for manual wheelchairs

The E-Support power add-on drive increases your range of activity. It supports you optimally in your independent mobility in the manual wheelchair.

Best of both world's - manual size and power function

Power for Daily Use – The Auxiliary Drive z50

Even better than above!


The B500 belongs to the new generation of power wheelchairs. Thanks to its modular design it offers various individual adaptation possibilities.

Some fantastic modular adaptations, lights, tilt, space and recline and Recaro seating.......seriously

These next three chairs are unbelievably fantabulous, even for Germans, but with no more I bring you the:

Xeno - Stand up and drive

With its standing function and innovative steering system, the Xeno power wheelchair is an ideal companion. It offers everyday flexibility and allows you to approach other people at eye level. 
All I can say is "I need this one!" I would love to have a conversation with a person and not their crotch or buttocks...don't laugh, you know exactly what I mean!
This last rig is a monster truck/chair. I'm not joking it really is\

C2000 - Reach your destination faster

The C2000 is an outdoor power wheelchair offering safety and comfort, even over longer distances.

This rig is gonzo
All pix are property of OTTO BOCK

I'm waiting on some quotes, when I get them I'll give you all the price damage, and which insurance groups, if some of the costs 

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